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Here at Vital Training Systems we pride ourselves on how we incorporate exercise into your day to day life for longevity and overall health of the mind and body. Our elite coaches are equipped with all the tools to improve endurance, increase strength and athleticism, address injuries, and improve body composition. Our mission is to build you up in the gym so that you can tackle any obstacle life throws at you. 

Personal Training is our primary specialty at Vital.  We offer both private and semi-private training sessions coached by some of the most experienced and passionate trainers in the business. Our coaches at Vital are all unique in their specialties, styles, and background. We believe that working with one of our coaches will offer you the highest level of efficiency and accountability in achieving your goals. No matter what your fitness level is, any preexisting injuries you may have, whether you are a high performance athlete or have never been in a gym before, this is the gym for you! Train your mind, body and soul for life’s peaks and valleys.  Book your first assessment today!

Science-Driven Programming

Fitness is an evolving profession. Every coach at Vital Training Systems partakes in continued education learning new cutting edge knowledge, all driven by science. We program training sessions based on how effective and efficient we can be with your time inside our walls. Our programming is backed by science to ensure our ability to make you stronger and healthier. For this reason, our personal training clients are expected to train at least two times per week to get the most out of what we have to offer here.

What to expect

Determining the perfect coach for you begins with an assessment. Your initial assessment helps us see where you are starting from and how to begin your programming with the right coach for you. During the assessment you will be coached through a dynamic warm up and a series of foundational movement patterns to determine how well you move and to identify any muscle imbalances. Following the physical assessment, you and a head coach will discuss your personal goals in detail. Once your assessment is complete you will be paired with one of our elite coaches.


Private personal training involves you getting 1 on 1 hands on personal coaching from an elite coach. In 1 on 1 sessions your programming will be individualized towards your personal goals and getting you out of your comfort zone. For most clients with pre existing injuries, sport-specific goals, or just looking to begin their fitness journey, we strongly suggest beginning with 1 on 1 coaching.


If you are looking to get a great workout and also build a supportive community around you, semi-private personal training is for you! These are strength based training groups with anywhere from 2-6 clients per group. We offer a 3 to 1 client to coach ratio to ensure high quality coaching, even in a group setting. Have a friend or partner you are wanting to workout with? This is a perfect option for you!

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