We are thrilled to introduce a sports performance program by Vital Training Systems that not only improves athlete performance but also instills important values like leadership, teamwork, integrity, grit, hard work, and a growth mindset. Our program focuses on enhancing physical development, mental toughness, and overall athletic abilities in high school sports.

Program Overview:

Frequency: The program will consist of two strength training sessions per week, ensuring a balanced approach to building strength, speed, and power.
Individualized Programming: Our experienced trainers will create personalized strength programs for each athlete based on their unique needs and fitness level. This tailored approach maximizes the effectiveness of the program.
Consistency and Results: Our training program highlights the benefits of consistency by showing athletes how their hard work directly translates to visible results. We prioritize building strength, speed, and power while also increasing athletic muscle to enhance on-field performance. 

Core Values:

Leadership: Athletes are urged to set the standard by demonstrating punctuality, preparedness, and dedication in all aspects of their athletic endeavors, whether on or off the field or in the weight room.
Hard Work: Participants should display a willingness to go above and beyond, putting in extra effort to achieve their goals.
Integrity: Athletes must dedicate themselves to their training, maintain open communication with coaches, and fulfill their responsibilities, even in difficult circumstances.
Grit: The program seeks individuals who persevere through difficult days, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.


For enrollment with fewer than 12 athletes , $200 per month per athlete
For groups of 12 or more, $175 per month per athlete
This pricing structure reflects our commitment to making quality strength training accessible to all, while supporting athletes facing financial constraints. Thank you for considering our Vital Training Systems to work with your athletes. We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the success and development of your team.