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Raia, an NSCA certified personal trainer since 2021, discovered her passion for strength training in 2018 as a means to boost her confidence and foster meaningful connections. Currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Psychology, Raia’s ultimate goal is to gain a deeper understanding of those around her and make a positive impact on the criminal justice system in the future.

Originally from Chicago, Raia relocated to Boulder in 2011. During her upbringing, she immersed herself in the world of dance, dedicating eight years to ballet, acrobatics, and hip hop. After settling in Denver, she quickly found herself drawn to the vibrant Vital community, which ignited her desire to pursue personal training as a full-time career.

Raia’s mission is to educate others on how fitness can cultivate a lifetime of strength and foster meaningful connections. She is committed to assisting individuals from all walks of life in establishing accountability and adopting healthy lifestyles that are sustainable in the long run. Raia firmly believes in maintaining a balanced approach to fitness that is both attainable and challenging, and she is eager to share her invaluable insights with her clients.

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