Our Story

Vital training systems was founded by Vinnie Lopez in 2010. Inspired and encouraged by the great Loren Landow and Eric Telly of Landow Performance, Vinnie dove deep into the science of strength and conditioning and its countless benefits. At the same time he was under the tutelage of martial arts master coaches Trevor Wittman, Clarence Thatch and Leister Bowling, to name a few. His time as a professional fighter, working with the best coaches in the game both in strength & conditioning and martial arts, helped mold him magnifying his desire to help people discover what they were truly capable of both in and out of the gym. 

Jennifer Lopez became intrigued with the benefits of weight training while she was still in high school. She always had a love for the science and a specific interest in anatomy and physiology. While attending CU Denver as a biology major, her passion for the human body drove her into a career in fitness.  She began working as a personal trainer in 2010 and then continued to work in many different areas of the industry including sales for big box gyms and working for a fitness business management software company.

In 2013, Vinnie and Jennifer combined forces when Jennifer began working with Vinnie under the Vital umbrella.  This is when Vital took on its true identity. Vinnie retired from fighting, and the newly married couple were determined to make Vital a household name. They took a leap of faith and moved Vital out of renting space in someone else’s facility to leasing their own building under the Vital brand. It was in this building that Vinnie and Jennifer revolutionized fitness and personal training to transcend typical external focus to include a deeper, more intrinsic meaning; one that encompassed all aspects of the martial artists mind and all the physicality,  resilience, and endurance of the well-trained athlete. Providing the general public with a real accessible look into what makes the greatest athletes perform at their best, is what Vital is all about. 

In 2021 Vinnie and Jennifer were able to purchase a new home for Vital Training Systems in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. They fight alongside any and everyone ready to take their lives to the next level. We are all fighting for something, whether it’s a fight for weight loss, a fight for strength gain, a fight for your confidence, a fight for your pride, a fight for your soul, a fight for your life… Jennifer and Vinnie Lopez have built a safe and efficient facility for you to WIN!