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Dani began training in 2013 after receiving her CPT through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in Kansas City, MO. She is TRX Suspension trained as well as a Nutrition and Performance Enhancement Specialist, also through NASM. Dani competed as a Figure competitor for 6 years, winning her IFPA Pro card qualifying for nationals. Since then, Dani came to Colorado to pursue her degree in biochemistry at the University of Colorado Denver.

Dani has experience training a wide spectrum of fitness levels. She has worked with everyone from advanced lifters to individuals stepping into the gym for the first time. Her approach to every program is specifically geared towards that individual’s needs.

Dani became a personal trainer after seeing how fitness had turned her life around. This was something she wanted to share with others. Dani cares about helping individuals cultivate a lifestyle that gives them confidence, good health, and both a strong body and mind. She desires not only to help teach you the tools but, how to apply the tools you learn in the gym to your daily life.

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