Boxing & Kickboxing Classes

Train like a pro

Whether you are new to striking, or looking to level up your training, Vital Training Systems striking program is designed for you. Classes and mitt sessions focus on MMA based striking, which includes a mix of Muay Thai, Western Boxing and Kickboxing. Learn proper technique from experienced fighters, while getting a conditioning push that is unique to combat sports.

boxing hand wraps


Fundamentals is a safe, fun, and welcoming environment to learn the basics of MMA based striking (Muay Thai, Western boxing & kickboxing). Best for those just getting started in learning the striking arts and also a great workout for those looking for a different cardio, push. Bag work, light partner drilling, learning footwork and a new full body workout. Gain confidence, learn exciting techniques used by top martial artists, and have a blast in our high energy classes while getting an awesome workout.


Conditioning is a mix of striking fundamentals and Energy Systems Development training.  Learn the basics of MMA based striking (Muay Thai, Western boxing & kickboxing), increase the efficiency of energy metabolism, and improve your athletic performance. Classes include bag work, footwork and a full body workout.


Intermediate striking classes provide a  deeper look into the striking arts. Partner drills and defensive proficiency are a focus. This class will incorporate application of skills learned in a controlled setting to get you that much closer to mastering the martial art.   


man hitting boxing pads


Private one-on-one mitt sessions are extremely personalized. Based on your particular strengths and weaknesses, we customize a plan specifically for you.

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: Gloves, Hand Wraps, Shin Guards, Water. 

Equipment rental is available for $5. You may also purchase equipment at Vital Training Systems.