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In 2019, Jeremiah decided to make a fresh start and moved from his hometown in North Carolina to Colorado. Having spent many years working as a cook in kitchens and leading an unhealthy lifestyle, he realized it was time for a change. Jeremiah discovered a newfound passion for weightlifting and embarked on a journey to transform himself into a healthier version.

Determined to help others unlock their potential and achieve their goals, Jeremiah dedicated himself to becoming a catalyst for positive change. Through his own incredible weight loss journey, he lost over 50 pounds and experienced firsthand the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Inspired by his own transformation, Jeremiah made it his mission to guide and support others on their own transformative paths.

In addition to his commitment to fitness, Jeremiah also has a deep love for martial arts and the culinary arts. When he’s not lifting weights, you can find him practicing various martial arts disciplines or whipping up delicious dishes in the kitchen. With a specialization in movement patterns and athletic performance, Jeremiah has developed a step-by-step program that can help even those who are injured or hesitant to become strong, athletic individuals who can move with confidence.

Whether you’re interested in wrestling, kickboxing, or boxing, Jeremiah is well-equipped to assist you. He can hold pads for you or teach you the fundamentals of wrestling, providing personalized guidance and support. Jeremiah’s diverse expertise and unwavering passion make him an exceptional coach and mentor for those seeking to improve their fitness and explore martial arts.

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