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Jennifer is the co-owner of Vital Training Systems and Beat Boutique. She has been working in the fitness industry since 2008.  Her passion lies in helping female clients achieve results that go beyond aesthetics. She believes that women, especially in a very social-media driven world, have a special mental battle to conquer when it comes to health, fitness, and appearance.  By taking the focus off of only achieving a certain look, she tries to help women feel better mentally, emotionally, AND physically. 

Jennifer loves to make training with her as efficient and effective as possible by utilizing scientific programming and teaching and enforcing perfect technique.  She believes building strength is where true confidence lies for women.  She focuses on challenging her clients inside of the gym. She is passionate about helping them change the way they approach diet and exercise so they can build a different relationship with food and fitness, therefore changing the way they see themselves and their body.  She believes that when you make these things the focus, your body will change aesthetically as a bonus part of this process. 

She specializes in female strength training, pre and post-natal, injury prevention, and helping people make health and fitness a lifestyle that they can maintain for the rest of their life.

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