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After growing up in Columbus Ohio, I was blessed with the opportunity to take my athletic talents to Duke University where I received a full scholarship for football and wrestling. After 5 amazing years I was able to graduate with a BA in Evolutionary Anthropology (concentration in Anatomy and Physiology). Additionally, I received my Masters in Management from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business in 2022. During my time competing in multiple Division 1 Sports, I gained a valuable appreciation for the trainers/coaches who were involved in my development. Through a series of difficult surgeries I realized the impact a quality trainer can have in making a successful recovery from a physical and mental standpoint. With that in mind I take personal value in helping individuals reach their fitness/athletic goals because I understand the benefits a healthy lifestyle can offer. The vast time spent with trainers and coaches goes far beyond just working out and goal chasing. It is about building strong relationships and falling in love with the process that comes with making change. 

The next chapter of my life brings me to Colorado where I will continue to chase my dream of becoming a professional athlete…only with a new focus towards Mixed Martial Arts. When working with me you can expect passion, intensity, and most importantly consistency in our training sessions. One important life lesson I learned quickly from being a student athlete is to “be where your feet are”. I interpret this lesson as striving to make the most out of every situation while living in the “now”. Come ready to work 

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