Women's Self Defense class


My name is Zac Pauga, a former law enforcement officer who served the cities of Wheat Ridge and Denver for 7 years before transitioning to a full-time fighting career. During my time in law enforcement, I was an arrest control and firearms instructor for both departments, obtaining certifications in FBI defensive tactics, Koga Arrest Control, and Krav Maga. I have since moved on and dedicated my life to close quarters combat from a self defense perspective as well as a sport.

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About Self Defense Class

Our self-defense classes are based on data that outlines common scenarios where women are victimized.These classes emphasize grappling, as the primary goal in real-world situations, is to escape and seek help. While we will cover effective strikes, this is not a kickboxing class. Those interested in striking are encouraged to attend one of VTS’s Kickboxing Classes.
Class will begin with a warmup and will involve a lot of movement and physical contact with the other members of the class. Another coach and I will be present to demonstrate techniques and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.