Gym Memberships

Here at Vital, our focus and desire is to connect you with a coach or coaches that can help guide and inspire you along your fitness journey. We believe an authentic connection is vital to the success of any coach-client relationship. There are a few ways we like to get you in front of the right person:

Man training hand eye coordination

Group Classes

We offer group classes for both kickboxing and conditioning.  These classes will not be strength-focused, as we believe strength training should be done in a more private session to ensure quality movement and technique.  Pricing for group classes is as follows:

  1. 4 classes per month plus open gym access –  $179.00/month + $49 sign up fee
  2. Unlimited classes plus open gym access – $249.00/month + $49 sign up fee
Our group classes are unique in that they are more personal in nature than most fitness studios. These classes are capped at 8 people per class with 1 instructor.
Vital Training Systems group lunges workout

Semi-Private/Small Group Training

These sessions are the pulse of the facility. A step up from the larger group classes, these sessions are specifically designed around you and a few peers to chase down the goal of supreme fitness together. These sessions are capped out at 6 people and have multiple coaches in them to ensure masterful execution of all movement patterns. The maximum ratio of coach to clients in these sessions is 1:3.

Prices range from $65.00-$100.00 per session depending on experience of the head coach and number of people in your sessions. There is also a base membership required for $99.00 per month OR you can choose a class membership option above.

man hitting boxing pads

Private Training

The gold standard here at Vital, this option puts you in front of the right coach specifically for you. After a thorough assessment, you are paired with a coach that best fits your archetype and can help you to achieve your specific goals. This 1-on-1, all eyes on you setting, ensures quality and perfect execution everywhere in the gym. Safety and longevity is our number 1 goal here at Vital, and for that reason, all semi-private/small group training clients will start here before being moved into the semi-private/small group setting to ensure readiness.

Prices vary based on the coach’s experience, availability, and full scope of work to be done. There is also a base membership required for $99 per month OR you can choose a class membership option above.