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Vital Training Systems Group Conditioning Classes are like nothing else in the game! VTS Classes focus primarily on Energy System Development, a training method that aims to increase the efficiency of energy metabolism to improve your athletic performance. Targeting specific energy systems not only improves your performance, but also optimizes recovery.

Each class is designed to be a perfect supplement to your strength training program. They range from full body HIIT sessions to cardio intervals. Programming is scientifically researched and studied to safely push you to desired limits, using the latest technologies to track and inspire progress!

At VTS you’ll never get lost in the shuffle because all our classes are capped at 8 people. This ensures that our performance coach can give you the attention you need. VTS is a Family owned gym that strives to keep a connection with the community. At VTS you’ll never feel like a stranger. We guarantee you’ll leave with a complete and well thought-out workout and have a great time doing it.

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