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Vital Training Systems Group Conditioning Classes are like nothing else in the game! VTS Conditioning Classes are high-energy, high-intensity classes developed to improve athleticism, metabolism, and recovery. They are the newest addition to our list of offerings, and one of the most fun and efficient ways to burn calories! 

Each class is designed to be a perfect supplement to a strength training program. They include full body HIIT sessions to challenge maximal heart rate ranges, muscular endurance sessions to increase our resilience to the burn, and cardio interval classes that give us bigger gas tanks for all of Colorado’s outdoor activities. Programming is researched and studied to safely push you to desired limits with the latest and greatest exercises and techniques from the fitness industry . We use the latest Polar Heart Rate Monitors to track your heart rate recovery, max heart rate zone, calories burned, and, ultimately, to bring awareness and inspire progress! 

Mental toughness through physical fitness is our class motto. We are going to show you what your body is truly capable of. High energy classes with enthusiastic coaches will break down the mental barriers you’ve had up for years to show the world the new you.

What to Expect

At VTS you can expect to be monitored and coached by the best in the business. We cap all classes at 8 people to ensure a quality product and make sure every exercise is executed to perfection. Our classes are 45 minutes to an hour of fun, efficient, and intentional hard work. And, here at VTS we value culture and community; you’ll feel supported, challenged, and never leave feeling like a stranger. We guarantee you’ll leave with a complete and well thought-out workout and have a great time doing it alongside like-minded people pushing for something more.

Class Offerings

Conditioning Classes are listed under different names on our schedule (based on the focus for the day), but you can expect a great full body workout from each offering.  Classes are open to all fitness levels and our coaches will guide you through the workout and any modifications you may need.  Once you begin, our coaches can help you plan out a weekly schedule of classes to help meet your goals!

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