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Zac is an incredible athlete with an extensive range of knowledge and skills when it comes to athletics. He has had an impressive journey, starting as a four-year starter at Colorado State University as a running back. He then went on to play fullback for the Houston Texans and even pursued professional rugby as a loose forward. Zac’s passion for sports doesn’t stop there; he was also in the player pool to represent the USA in international matches.

Zac’s connection with Vital began as a client under the guidance of head trainer and striking coach, Vinnie Lopez. Together, they have formed an amazing partnership that has led to an undefeated amateur and professional career. Zac’s dedication and belief in the transformative power of Vital training systems have inspired him to join as a coach. He truly understands firsthand how these training systems can change lives.

In addition to his training with Vinnie, Zac has also achieved a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He has taken his striking skills to the next level by training abroad in Thailand and Holland. On top of all that, Zac is a former police officer certified in FBI defensive tactics, further emphasizing his commitment to personal safety and well-being.

Zac firmly believes that training and martial arts have the ability to prepare individuals for every aspect of life. Whether you’re striving to look and feel better or seeking the confidence to walk home alone at night, Zac knows that the combination of training and martial arts can help you achieve your goals.

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