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David Hamlin was born in the south suburbs of Chicago. After graduating from Grand Valley State University, he moved out to Oahu, Hawaii where he spent three and a half years experiencing island life. Living in Hawaii, he spent his free time hiking, free diving, body surfing shore breaks, and hanging out with friends on the beach. Recently relocating to Colorado, he plans to spend his free time experiencing all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

He has a passion for teaching people how to train for longevity and sustainability- while becoming stronger, moving well, and looking good. He specializes in functional bodybuilding and group training. Functional bodybuilding is a cross between functional training and bodybuilding. David aims to make workouts creative, challenging, and fun. Leaving you feeling better than when you came in.

In addition to this, he loves to share his insight on nutrition and how simple changes to your diet can drastically improve the way you feel, sleep and train. David strives to help you reach your true potential inside and outside the gym. Small steps done consistently will create big changes.

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