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Brenan’s journey has always been marked by unwavering dedication to his personal fitness and training, a journey that ignited a profound desire to share his discoveries with others. In 2022, he proudly earned his degree in Human Nutrition-Dietetics from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and in 2023, he cemented his expertise with a personal training certificate from ACSM.Armed with these qualifications, he’s well-equipped to guide clients toward improved well-being through a harmonious blend of fitness and diet.

As a fitness trainer, Brenan’s central focus is on longevity and functionality, ensuring that the body remains strong and adaptable throughout life. He places a premium on building resilience to prevent injury, drawing from his own experiences to guide clients away from similar challenges. He firmly believes that the synergy of proper nutrition and fitness forms the key to enhancing the mind, body, and spirit.

Expect a training experience with Brenan that is characterized by mindful attentiveness, promoting understanding and motivation. His approach will empower you to become more agile, robust, and conditioned, instilling confidence to tackle life’s challenges with poise. Brenan perceives the immense potential within you, yearning to be fully expressed.



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